OTICON OPN – Available now at Egans
Oticon has released its Oticon Opn™, characterizing it as a paradigm shift in hearing aids that combines breakthrough technologies proven to enable people with hearing loss to experience less listening effort and enjoy better speech understanding.
Powered by the Velox™ platform, the newest BrainHearing™ solution from Oticon employs an “open sound” approach to manage multiple speech and noise sources, even in complex listening situations. The company says the new OpenSound Navigator™ scans the environment 100 times per second to analyze and balance every sound individually. Environmental sounds are said to be accessible, but not disturbing.
Opn open deviceWith this open sound experience, Oticon reports that it makes traditional directionality, designed to focus on the main sound in front and suppress background sounds, a thing of the past. Users can now focus on a conversation while staying attentive to people and things around them, and switch focus quickly and easily.

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