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Ireland’s largest, independent Ear Specialists

Our ear specialists provide expert and impartial advice for all aspects of hearing loss. All consultations carried out by qualified audiologists.

Paediatric Audiology Services

Quick non-invasive tests are used to accurately assess your child’s hearing.

Free Hearing Tests

We offer free hearing tests which are carried out by highly qualified Audiologists

Peace of mind guaranteed

Egans provide an unrivalled lifetime aftercare guarantee with all our hearing products and services.
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How can our ear specialists help?...

Free Consulation

Seeking advice or hearing aids assistance? Meet with our team of ear specialists – without obligation.

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Need help with hearing aids? Request a call back with one of our Cork audiologists here.

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Aftercare Services

Access the help and assistance you require across our entire range of hearing aid products and services.

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We operate 15 clinics across Munster, including in Cork, Kerry, and Waterford. Locate your nearest clinic to make an appointment.

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Why choose us?

Free Hearing Tests

Receive a comprehensive hearing test and assessment by a qualified Cork audiologist

Grant Assistance

Help and advice with grants, tax relief and insurance related queries

15 Clinics – 4 Counties

Munster’s largest independent network of hearing aid clinics

Leading Brands

The best hearing aids from the world’s best hearing aid brands

Aftercare For Life

Lifetime warrantied products with unrivalled aftercare support

Over 60 Years Experience

Providing expert audiology services in Cork since 1960

Welcome to Egan’s Hearing

Free Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids, Ear Wax Removal and Audiology Medical Services in Cork

Egan’s are the largest, independent, family run hearing clinic in Ireland with over 50 years experience in hearing solutions and hearing aids.

At our Cork hearing clinic, and across a network of 15 hearing clinics in Munster, our team of expert audiologists will help you access the advice and assistance you need.
From free hearing tests, hearing aids, hearing loss treatments and audiology medical services to paediatric audiology, tinnitus management and ear wax removal – generations of families in Cork have trusted Egan’s ear specialists to take care of their hearing.

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    Audiology Medical Services in Cork & Munster...

    Paediatric Hearing Test ENT Services in Cork Customised Moulded Ear Plugs Tinnitus Management & Treatment MICROSUCTION EAR WAX REMOVAL

    Paediatric Hearing Test

    Leading Specialists for Children’s Hearing Tests in Cork Even if your child does not show any signs of hearing issues, a full hearing assessment is essential before they start school. Mild and single-sided hearing problems can often go unnoticed without a thorough children’s hearing test. As part of our... Find Out More

    Paediatric Audiology Services provided...

    • Otoscopy
    • Tympanometry
    • Play Audiometry
    • Speech Audiometry
    • Pure tone Audiometry

    ENT Services in Cork

    Your local Audiologist’s in Cork and Munster Our expert audiologists, here at Egan’s, can provide you with specialist diagnostic testing and diagnostic reports for Ear Nose and Throat Specialists. A direct referral pathway is available for easy access to specialist ENT and audiology medical services. Find Out More

    Ask Us About...

    • Paediatric hearing test (ages 4+)
    • Microsuction
    • ENT support
    • Hearing assessments

    Customised Moulded Ear Plugs

    At Egan’s Hearing Centre, we recognise that preserving your hearing is paramount, no matter your surroundings. Our bespoke ear moulds are meticulously crafted to cater to the specific requirements of those frequently exposed to high noise levels, be it at work, during leisure activities, or in everyday situations.  ... Find Out More

    Ask Us About...

    • Swim Moulds
    • Musicians
    • Sleep Moulds
    • Noise Protection

    Tinnitus Management & Treatment

    At Egan’s, we aim to help you understand and manage your tinnitus effectively.   What is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no external sound is present. This can be distressing, with experiences varying from person to person. Common management options include sound therapy and amplification. The... Find Out More

    Gain control of your tinnitus...

    • What is tinnitus?
    • What causes tinnitus?
    • Can my tinnitus be treated?
    • Tinnitus and hearing loss


    Are you struggling with ear wax build-up and looking for a reliable solution? Look no further than microsuction, a cutting-edge technique that offers numerous advantages over traditional ear cleaning methods. At our clinic in Cork, our skilled audiologists specialise in this safe, efficient, and comfortable procedure. What is Microsuction... Find Out More

    Ask us about...

    • Microsuction
    • Why Micro Suction?

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    What our clients say...

    Ann Gleeson

    "The service from Egan’s hearing from start to finish was just outstanding. All the Audiologist’s and staff were just wonderful and always patient and understanding. I am so very pleased and happy that I went to Egan’s as the aftercare is outstanding and I am never made to feel like I am a bother."

    Trish Britton Gorman

    "Thanks so much to Angela and all the staff for all your help and advice in helping me understand the information relating to Dad’s hearing aids. Your customer service is absolutely excellent and I’ve had the pleasure of calling into the shop on a couple of occasions over the past few months to purchase batteries for Dad while he was in hospital and you all have been so kind and helpful to me. You are an excellent first point of contract for the business."

    Maura Duffy

    "Excellent support, service, knowledge and understanding Always treated well and made to feel that I’m important as they always make eye contact and handle my aid especially Mary but all the staff as well, as in other stores I have been treated like I’m contaminated and an inconvenience."

    Kieran Roche

    "I have been a customer of Egan’s for many many years and I have always found the staff to be so obliging and helpful. Nothing is too much for them and I am a very happy customer."

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