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At Egan’s, there are several custom mould options with a variety of colours available for musicians. Call Egan’s at 0214276414 for details

ER Filtered Noise Plugs

ER noise plugs feature an individually calibrated filter (9, 15 or 25dB), designed to attenuate all frequencies at the same level. Unlike solid noise plugs which attenuate all frequencies differently, these filtered ear plugs give a flat attenuation across the frequency range. This means ER noise plugs let you hear sounds accurately but at a safe and comfortable level for your environment.

ER noise plugs are ideal for musicians who want to protected from loud music exposure, but still hear the true sound and frequency range of the music or their instrument.
ER noise plugs are custom made from exact impression of the user’s ear and fit deep into the ear canal to give the best comfort and attenuation.

Custom Micro Monitor Classic

Custom Micro Monitor Classic offer exceptional sound quality, response and reliability with the fit and comfort that only custom-moulded earpieces can provide. Being anatomically moulded to the shape of your ear, these monitors help to eliminate feedback, lower onstage noise levels and reduce vocal fatigue. Here at Egan’s, we provide 3 models of micro monitor classics:

  • Classic 1: features a single driver for excellent performance at a cost-effective price.
  • Classic 2: features dual balanced armature drivers with passive crossover circuitry.
  • Classic 3: features a triple driver system with a dual passive crossover for the ultimate in performance and sound quality.
Puretone Music  - PDF

Puretone Music

In-Ear Monitors (Musicians & DJs)



Custom-Made Hearing Protection For Musicians

Elacin ER Filtered Noise - PDF

Elacin ER Filtered Noise

Developed especially for people in the music industry

Puretone Music in ear monitors - PDF

Puretone Music in ear monitors

Custom-made earpieces and other in-ear devices that enhance and protect your hearing


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