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Noise Protection

Noise Protection

Our Range of Noise Protection

The different types of noise protection available from Egans are suitable for many users and applications.
Filtered noise plugs are especially useful for racing drivers, mechanics and aircraft crew due to the constant high decibel noises they are exposed to. The same is true for pilots and night club employees, who need to hear naturally, but want to protect their hearing.
Spectators at sports and music events can also benefit from noise protection, as the decibel level can rise to a high level. Filtered noise protection would bring this level down, while still allowing the true sounds of the event to be heard.
Shooters can benefit from electronic noise plugs, designed to silence the loud noise of a gunshot instantly. This type of ear plug also amplifies ambient sounds, giving a truly natural hearing experience as well as comprehensive protection for your ears. Please see below for the different type of noise protection moulds that may be suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Custom-Made Soft Silicone Filtered Ear Plugs

PROCTECThear inserts are multi-purpose earpieces that are suited to a variety of situations where the correct level of attenuation is needed. They are suitable for motorcyclists and the motor industry, as they can be comfortably worn under a helmet for continuous use on the road without irritation.

PROTECThear are also suitable for industry and factory use, shooting sports, musicians and music listeners. PROTECThear inserts are custom-moulded soft silicone earpieces, Each pair are custom-manufactured using specially formulated medical-grade silicone, to offer the highest degree of comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier. PROCTECThear ear plugs are vented and incorporate a passive acoustic filter, which attenuates loud noises whilst maintaining the ability of the individual to hear speech, ambient noise and to use the telephones and radio. Excessive background noise is reduced, resulting in increased safety and working comfort.

Sonic Valve 2 Earplugs 25dB snr

The Sonic Valve 2 earplug provides comfortable protection for loud environments. The unique valve in each ear plug allows normal sound in, such as speech ambient noise, but when a loud noise, such as a gun is fired it reacts to shut the harmful noise out.

ER-20 filtered Noise Plugs 20dB

ER-20’s provide an inexpensive and effective solution to noise protection. Made from soft silicone, these generic noise suppressors fit any ear and provide an attenuation of 20dB, while still allowing the natural sound of the environment to be heard.

ER Earphones (Turn your ER into an IEM)

ER noise plugs can also be combined with the ER Earphone in-ear monitors. Ideal for concerts and also listen to your favourite music comfortable at home on your MP3 player.

The ER noise filters ensure good protection against noise that is too loud and, when you replace the filter with an earphone, it turns into a high quality in-ear monitor system with the benefits of custom-made earpieces.

CENS digital 30dB

CENS digital are custom electronic noise suppressors, ideal for use by shooters. They feature digital circuitry that instantly suppresses loud noises, such as gun shots, while also amplifying ambient sounds to give natural hearing experience. CENS digital are custom-made to the users ears, to provide maximum attenuation and comfort. CENS digital 2 feature two users-selectable programs, game and clay shooting, allowing the user to adjust the device for the specific environment.

Dreve SkyComfort Moulds - PDF

Dreve SkyComfort Moulds

Ear moulds designed for comfortable flights and still talk to your travel companions

Protect Hear  - PDF

Protect Hear

Noise Protection (Industrial & Motor)

CENS Pro Flex Digital  - PDF

CENS Pro Flex Digital

Noise Suppressors for Shooting

ProFlex DX Series - PDF

ProFlex DX Series

Next Generation Hearing Protection


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