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Swim Moulds

Swim Moulds

Swim moulds are designed to stop water getting into the ear and protecting the ear canal and middle ear system. Swim moulds are ideal for swimmers, cold water enthusiasts (surfers, canoeists, kite surfers etc.) and for bathing and showering. They are made from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone and come in a variety of colours making them ewasy to find if they are dropped.

How are they fitted?

You will come to Egan’s clinic where an impression is taken of your ears and this is then sent off in order for the swim moulds to be made by the manufacturer. Once they have been made, you will get a call to come in and collect your custom-fit swim moulds.

Consultations are free but a charge is made for the swim moulds themselves. Please ask Egan’s for details.

Puretone Swim Moulds  - PDF

Puretone Swim Moulds

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