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1. Can I get a free hearing test?

Yes. All patients, with or without a medical card, can avail of free hearing tests at Egans

2. How do I know if I need hearing aids?

Typically, people with hearing loss first notice they are asking people to repeat what they have said. They may feel people around them are mumbling and might find they are turning up the television a little louder!

3. Will a hearing aid restore my natural hearing?

Hearing aids do not restore your natural hearing but they do help restore normal hearing levels.

4. I have hearing loss in both ears, is it recommended to wear two hearing aids?

When there is a hearing loss present in both ears, it is recommended to manage both of these ears i.e. wear a hearing aid in each ear. This is because it will help determine the direction a sound is coming from (improved localisation ability) and understanding speech in background noise is improved when the brain receives sound from both of your ears.

5. How long does it take to adjust to hearing aids?

Everyone’s experience is different. Hearing aids help you to hear sounds that you might not have heard for a while due to your gradual hearing loss. The brain needs time to get used to hearing these sounds again, and this can require patience and persistence. It is vital to attend your first check-up post your hearing aid fitting appointment (arranged by the audiologist) and the additional follow-up appointments in order to continue progressing in your hearing healthcare journey.

6. What style of hearing aid should I wear?

There are many styles and brands of hearing aids. Your audiologist will help you make this decision based on your degree of hearing loss, your type of hearing loss, the size of your ear, your hand dexterity, any special features that you may need (for example, waterproof option) and any difficulties with continuous ear problems (such as being prone to ear infections).

7. How often should I get my hearing aids checked?

We recommend you have your hearing aids checked and serviced by one of our audiologists twice per year. This will ensure your hearing aids are in good condition and you continue enjoying the listening experience from your hearing aids.

8. Is there a grant for hearing aids?

Yes, you may be entitled to the PRSI grant which will enable you to get €1000 off your pair of hearing aids.

9. Can too much wax cause hearing loss?

Excessive earwax buildup in your ear can result in hearing loss because it acts as a barrier, stopping sound from travelling to your inner ear. Walk in to us at Egans and one of our audiologists will look inside your ears to confirm if there is a buildup of earwax.

10. What is an indication of too much wax in my ears?

Signs of a wax build-up in your ears include: Itchy ears, reduced hearing, soreness or a feeling of blockage.

11. Is there a cost for a checkup(s) for my hearing aids at Egans?

No. All check-up’s and follow-up appointments are free of charge.

12. Does my PRSI entitle me to free hearing aids at Egans?

Yes, if you have the correct number of stamps.

13. What can I do about my tinnitus?

Tinnitus is typically a symptom of an underlying cause, for example, hearing aids have been shown to be successful at managing tinnitus which is the result of hearing loss. Hearing aids help the brain to shift focus away from the tinnitus and onto other sounds. Excessive wax in the ear(s) has also been shown to cause tinnitus. At Egans we offer wax removal services such as microsuction.


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