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The Process

The Process

A case history is taken by the Audiologist before he/she starts your hearing test. The test takes about an hour from start to finish.

1. Otoscopy

An Audiologist will use an otoscope to assess the ear canal and eardrum. The Audiologist can determine the presence of excess wax, foreign bodies, pus, or other diseases in the ear canal.

2. Tympanometry

This test is used to assess the mobility of the eardrum and the function of the middle ear. This test can determine the presence of an ear infection, perforation of the eardrum, or dislocation of the ossicular bones.

3. Puretone Audiometry

Puretone Audiometry is used to determine the softest sounds you can hear. This can be determined using earphones or insert ear phones.

4. Speech Audiometry

Speech audiometry is a test which measures the adult’s ability to hear and discriminate speech. This test is useful when cross checking hearing test results.


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