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Paediatric Audiology

Paediatric Audiology

Paediatric Hearing Test (Ages 4+)

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Even if there are no perceived problems, all children should have a full hearing assessment before they start school. Mild and single sided hearing problems often go undetected without a thorough children’s hearing test. As part of our audiology medical services, a number of quick non-invasive tests are used to accurately assess your child’s hearing.

How will I know if my pre-school (or older child) has a hearing problem?

Does your child do any of the following?

• Not reply when he/she is called
• Complain of ear pain or head noise
• Respond inappropriately to questions
• Seem to speak different to other children of their age
• Have difficulty understanding what people are saying
• Have problems academically
• Turn up the volume of the T.V. excessively loud

Paediatric Audiology Services provided:

What’s involved in a children’s hearing test?

1. Otoscopy
An Audiologist will use an otoscope to assess the ear canal and eardrum. The Audiologist can determine the presence of excess wax, foreign body, pus or other diseases in the ear canal.

2. Tympanometry
This children’s hearing test is used to assess the mobility of the eardrum and the function of the middle ear. This test can determine the presence of an ear infection, perforation of the eardrum, or dislocation of the ossicular bones. It is also useful in determining the patency of grommets.

3. Play Audiometry 4+
During this test the child responds to sounds being played through earphones by playing a game with the Audiologist. This test keeps children on-task and interested in completing the hearing test.

4. Puretone Audiometry
Puretone Audiometry is used to determine the softest sounds a child can hear. This can be determined using earphones or insert ear phones. Depending on the age of the child, various methods are used to obtain responses during the children’s hearing test.

5. Speech Audiometry
Speech audiometry is a test which measures your child’s ability to hear and discriminate speech. This test is useful when cross checking your child’s hearing test results.


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