Micro suction ear wax Removal

Microsuction ear wax removal is performed using a microscope to see what we are doing, and a medical suction device to suck out the wax. A very thin steel fitting is fitted to the end of the suction tube which allows us to gently suck out the earwax from your canal. The first part of the process is a questionnaire in relation to ear health, ear surgeries and any previous experience; our expert audiologists will then examine your ear using a microscope and, using the low pressure suction device, safely remove the blockage.

Why Micro Suction?

Ear wax micro suction is accepted across the medical profession as the safest and the most comfortable method of ear wax removal. With no liquids being used there is no fuss or mess during the procedure. The fact that the ear canal is been observed throughout the process, makes it an exceptionally safe procedure. It is also a comfortable process and it is usually undertaken in a few minutes. Unlike ear syringing ear irrigation, where ear wax is flushed out without a view of the canal, during micro suction ear wax removal, the canal and the ear wax is being directly viewed with the microscope whilst it is being removed. This makes ear wax removal with microsuction much quicker, safer and more comfortable for the patient. Other benefits of this type of ear wax removal include.

The Benefits

We have a great view of both the earwax and the ear canal. It means that we can always see what we are doing. Making ear wax removal easier for us and safe for the patient.